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Professional security installations for commercial and residential clients

If you are seeking a local residential or commercial security system installer in Medicine Hat, look no further than Elhart’s. Our professional installers are experienced in wired or wireless alarm systems, video surveillance and door access control to fit the needs of your home or business. The systems we install are easy-to-use and provide a reliable security solution.

Security solutions for every challenge


Alarm Systems

Protect your home or business with a security system monitored by Eagle. Our security systems provide 24-hour monitoring for intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and drastic temperature changes.


CCTV Systems

Install video surveillance and maintain a close eye on what is happening in your home or business. We have various camera systems tailored to your unique needs, whether it is identifying humans, vehicles, or animals.


Secure Door Entry

Business owners can protect their team and save time by installing access control systems. Our system has streamlined user management and remote lock control, plus it integrates with other security systems in place.



Various automations related to security solutions include automating your thermostat schedules, lights & shades, door access and more. Our experienced team can customize your system to offer you flexibility.

Alarm Systems

Elhart’s Electric provides several home security and business security alarm packages tailored for your residential or commercial property in Medicine Hat.

Our systems will help you know when your kids get home or if someone forgets to arm the system at work. Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, our security systems let you know what is happening at your property anytime. It is easy to use, and you can customize your alerts and reminders to be notified of activity, providing you peace of mind.

Security Camera Systems

Without a surveillance system, a business or home is vulnerable to internal and external hazards. Our security camera systems not only allow you to track everything happening in your space at all times but also reduce the threat of burglary and theft.

With our 24/7 real-time monitoring facility right on your preferred devices, you can easily keep tabs on serious issues and provide clear evidence in case of an unfortunate event.

In the long run, a quality security camera system is a highly cost-effective solution to make you or your customers feel safe. Contact Elhart’s Electric to know more about our security services. We are a licensed service provider for in Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

Door Entry

Stop fumbling with your keys and start enjoying the convenience of locking and unlocking your door remotely or with a fob or swipe card. With door access, you can create and disable codes easily (no need to change your locks), and you’ll always know who is entering your space through customized notifications. Plus, if you have a lot on the go and you’re worried about forgetting to lock a door, set up reminders and your system will tell you if it is left unlocked so you can easily lock it from wherever you are!


Adding a Smart Thermostat or Smart Lighting automation to your home or business can save you money and energy! Water management can also help you take the guesswork out of watering your lawn, and automated shades assist with security and saving energy.

Learn more about our customized options by speaking to one of our Elhart team members.

Elharts is a Local Security Company You Can Trust

Every Summer, without fail, our city sees the arrival of inexperienced and aggressive sales reps and installers from an American-based company that pushes their potential customers into rushed and misinformed decisions that lock them into multi-year contracts.

Elhart’s Electric wants to help our community know what options are available to keep their assets safe. We aren’t wired to use high-pressure sales tactics or fear-mongering to get you to sign a contract. We ensure you are set up with a security system that suits your needs, and since we are a local provider, we are available for same-day tech support should you ever need it.

Caring for our clients as an extension of our family is what we are wired for.

When You Need a Customized Security to Fit Your Needs

Every home and business owner can find it a challenge to keep watch on their assets at all times. Sometimes you require a security system that can continually watch your property for indications of suspicious activity or possible harm. Elhart’s Electric provides security and surveillance systems, and access control, plus we are a certified Google Nest installer in Medicine Hat, Dunmore, Redcliff, and surrounding areas.

As an independent security company, Elhart’s Electric can provide flexibility and customized solutions that fit your security needs.

Elhart’s Can Provide the Following Customizable Solutions:

  • Cellular communication backup system additions to arm or disarm your security system or access the video from your security camera system right from your mobile phone. As an independent security company, Elhart’s Electric can provide flexibility and customized solutions that fit your security needs.
  • Complete system installation and programming, including integration of various systems, when applicable.
  • Commercial and residential rough-in-only services allow you to prepare for the future.
  • Partial system retrofits to add a new look, features and connectivity to your security system with upgraded keypads and control panels while using existing detection devices.
  • Periodic system testing to ensure everything works how we intended it to keep your home or business secure.
  • 24-hour monitoring services.
  • Environmental and life-safety sensors such as carbon monoxide monitoring, water leaks, panic buttons, heat and smoke detectors and low-temperature alarms.

Systems That Protect You at Home or Your Place of Business


Home security


Video monitoring


Locks & garages


Temperature control


Lights & shades


Fire & CO safety


Water protection

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Elhart’s Electric is the Leading Security System Installer in Medicine Hat

For 50+ years, Elhart’s Electric has led the electrical industry in Medicine Hat by listening to our customers and treating them like they are an extension of our Elhart family. No one will ever feel pressured to buy; that’s not how we are wired.

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